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Sep During the Civil War and up 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male the Vietnam War, no such process was in order. Because of the nature of Civil War deaths and combat, many families never learned about what happened to their loved ones and searched for years for information.

This includes original members of the regiment, and veterans who transferred in the fall Rhodw from the Fourth Rhode Island Volunteers. Of this number, an appalling were killed in combat or died of wounds, and a further died of jale and in accidents in the service.

Wants Nsa Sex 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male

Not counted in the figure are 23 men who died immediately after being mustered out of the service and whose deaths are directly attributable to their service in the Seventh Rhode Island based on a statewide survey of Civil War soldiers, this figure is more than likely to rise.

In heavy fighting at Fredericksburg and the Overland Campaign, and through diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male, malaria, and yellow fever, in Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky, 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male losses the Seventh sustained were felt in every Rhode Island community.

Nearly every Rhode Islander knew someone who died in the Civil War. The company of men was raised among the mill workers and farmers of Westerly, Hopkinton, Richmond, and Charlestown in July and Augustand the men of Company A left behind a rich written record.

Almost immediately upon leaving the state, many of the members Adult looking casual sex Driftwood the regiment, including my own great-great-great uncle, Alfred Sheldon Knight of Scituate, became ill with diseases such as typhoid, pneumonia, and dysentery caused by poor food and water, overcrowding, and unsanitary conditions.

The first two deaths in the regiment occurred on October 5,when Charles Baker Greene of Company A, a nineteen-year-old farmer from Ashaway, and twenty-one-year-old John F.

Brown of Exeter, died of typhoid.

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Brown passed at a hospital in Washington and Baker died in Frederick, Maryland. Because these first two deaths occurred in hospitals away from the regiment, the soldiers were mourned by their comrades, but the men in the ranks did not experience the loss first hand.

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Immediately upon arrival at Pleasant Valley, a typhoid epidemic erupted through the ranks of the Seventh, sending many to the regimental hospital, while the worst cases were discharged and sent back home to Rhode Island. The 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male was blessed to have three very competent doctors assigned to it, including Major James Harris who had served Wives want nsa Indiantown a volunteer surgeon in the Crimean War and had been captured at Bull Run rather than abandon the patients he was treating.

Hopw the best efforts of these three doctors and Stephen Peckham, a gifted Brown University chemist who acted as the regimental hospital steward, there was nothing this medical team could do to stem the typhoid epidemic. Gideon Franklin Collins of Hopkinton was one of the first to die in the regiment.

View the Hope Valley, RI population and other interesting demographics including: median age, male to female ratio, marital The median age in Hope Valley is 43 which is approximately 8% higher than the Rhode Island average of In Hope Valley, 69% of the population over 15 years of age are married, 99% speak. MAIN, Susan Jane died 2 April , age 71/11/13, in Hope Valley. Female, white, married Born in Rhode Island, d/o Stephen and Matilda (Abby) Coon. cod-entero colitis. Burial Union Male, white, married, mill operative. Born in RI. REYNOLDS, Abby A. died 25 February , age 43 years. HOPE VALLEY,RI . Charles Lennon SUNSET AVENUE APT. NORTH PROVIDENCE,RI GUY'S HOME IMPROVEMENTS INC.

He was typical of many of the men from rural Rhode Island who had never had exposure to the diseases that were hitting the regiment hard as they adjusted to field service. 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male, later the commander of Company A, wrote on October 15, In early life he became an active church member, and lived a consistent life, as his mape friends Rhove testified.

On a certain day at Camp Bliss he had a fainting fit after which he never was entirely well. His appearance was different, and though he performed all his duties and seemed quite well at times, those periods were brief. Finally, he was obliged Adult dating Bear Delaware go to the hospital, and it soon became evident he had typhoid fever.

Up to within a few days of his death the doctor gave hope of recovery, but it was evident his strength was failing fast.

None could be more patient than he. The night before he died he told one of the female nurses that he felt a great change coming over him, yet he remained perfectly composed and happy.

He died at 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male Valley, Md. He left a widow and one child.

I Look Dating 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male

The funeral, the only one ever held as a regiment, was long remembered by the men of the Seventh. Charles P. A, than [then] came the whole Regiment with commissioned Officers in the rear the text was taken in the 5 chapter 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male Jacob 60 verse after the cops [corpse] was then lowered in to their graves three vollys was fired over their grave and then 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male returned to our quarters.

Collins in the December 11, edition. I am satisfied that he has never been entirely well, since the day that he had a fainting spell at Camp Bliss.

His appearance has been different from what it was Beautiful ladies looking seduction Morgantown. This is the opinion of all of the boys who were acquainted with him.

Sometimes it is true, he seemed pretty well and went through with his duties; but it would be only for a short time. He was finally obliged about two weeks ago, to go to the hospital, and in a short time, it was evident that he had the typhoid fever.

From this time, he had no appetite, and rapidly lost flesh. His fever was apparently light, and slow its operation was but too sure. Up to within a few days of his death, the Doctor gave some encouragement of his recovery; but it was evident that his strength was failing very fast.

The night before he died, while poor George Gardiner, who died in the early part of the Rhoxe was in his last 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male, Miss Gibson, one of the female nurses, knelt down between them, and offered a fervent prayer for them both. Your husband listened attentively, but said nothing at that time. In the course of the night he told another nurse, that he felt there was a great change, and he appeared to Bangor WI sex dating that he was dying.

Hope Valley, RI Population & Demographics

He was perfectly composed and happy as far Mature ladies Santa ana could be ascertained from the few remarks he made.

I think I have never seen any one more patient in sickness. One of the Islans was with him when he died. He told me he never saw a man die easier; and a lady who was present, told me that he died without a struggle or convulsion.

I saw him every day during the latter part of his sickness; sometimes, two or three times a day.

I think he longed for home, and the loved ones there; though he would never admit that he was home-sick. But who would not feel home-sick when so reduced in physical strength?

Hope Valley, Rhode Island - Wikipedia

I must say, that the boys were very kind to him-especially Aldrich C. Kenyon [12] and George A. We buried him and George 34 with military honors on the 20 th at 4 p. The place selected for their graves is on the edge of the woods, north-west from our camp.

They lie between two oak trees, about one rod apart, and a beautiful dog-wood spreads its 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male over their quiet resting place.

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Every one I Iland heard speak of it says that it is a beautiful place for a burial. The Chaplain, Rev. Howard, [15 preached from 2 Cor v.

The Chaplain wishes me to assure you of ,arried deepest sympathy; also Capt. Leavens [16] and Lieut. Rhodde has taken charge of all valuables 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male husband had in his possession at the time of his death, as well as of some that he had entrusted to others before he died. He has turned over his knapsack and clothing to the Quartermaster of the regiment, [18] to be paid for when his monthly pay shall be drawn.

The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States - Statistical Atlas

The other valuables he has sent in Lieut. They will be forwarded to T. Your husband, I believe gave his wallet and money amounting to five or six dollars in charge of Aldrich C.

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Kenyon, who no doubt will account to you for them. I do not know what I marrief add that would comfort you in your bereavement. It is my fervent prayer, that the Good Shepherd of Israel will be to you a 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male husband, and a father to your orphan child; and that you and all of the other relatives and friends, may find that consolation in the gospel which it were vain to look for elsewhere.

Joseph F. Unfortunately, this would be just one of many such letters sent to Hopkinton during the Civil Marriied years, as one out of every six men from Sweet women seeking sex Ocean Springs town perished in the war. It is unknown where 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male Collins is buried, as he does not have a memorial stone in Hopkinton or a burial in the Antietam Islandd Cemetery.

George W. Hoppe the death of her husband, and with a young son, Franklin M. Collins, to support, Susan E. Collins knew that she could turn to the government for help under the provisions of the Pension Act of July 14,granting pensions to the widows and orphans of volunteers who died in Federal service. She filed on January 9,and on October 11,was receiving a small pension of eight dollars per month.

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Susan Vaalley remarried Damon Young of Bristol on September 7,thus vacating her claim to a pension, while her son continued to receive eight dollars per month until he turned sixteen in With the death of her second husband, Susan remarried a third time to George T.

Valleh one of her other husbands served during the Civil War. Under the provisions of a generous Federal pension act inCivil War widows who had 43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male, but whose subsequent spouses had died, could Ladies looking hot sex AR Payneway 72472 a pension claim based on the marriage to the spouse who had died as a result of his Civil War service.

As such, Susan, now sixty-seven and living in Ashaway, refiled for a pension based on her marriage to Gideon F. Collins in February Lounsbury, ed. William P.

These casualty figures are the most comprehensive available to date. Pleas Excuse all bad writing: A documentary history of Rhode Island during the Civil War era Peace Dale, RI: Hopkins, Seventh Rhode Island, VanDenBossche, Pleas Excuse, Edited by Thomas T.

Smith, Jerry D.

43 married Hope Valley Rhode Island male

Thompson, Robert Wooster, and Ben E. Texas State Historical Association, One of the most respected physicians in the army; he had graduated from Brown and the Philadelphia College of Medicine and Surgery.

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He served as a volunteer surgeon to the Russian Army in the Crimean War. In he served as assistant surgeon of the First Rhode Island Detached Militia and was captured at Bull Run rather than abandon his Rjode. Commissioned into the Seventh Rhode Island, he eventually became the medical inspector of the Ninth Corps.