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A Prayer and Praise service was conducted by J. The Convention was called to order by W. Camp- bell the President, and Alahama were enrolled as their names appear on page Officers were elected as follows.

For Choccolocci, W. Campbell; for Secretary, M. Wood; for Fi-st Vice-Presi- dent. Foster; for Second Vice-President, J. Representatives of various interests reported during the. Gray, Corresponding Secretary of the Home Mi. John R. Lacey, returned Missionary from Mexico; W. New pastors were introduced as follows: James, Selma, Ala. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, Marion, Ala.

Wright, Ensley, Ala. Leon M. Lattimer, Sylacauga, Ala. Crumpton, Notasulga, Ala. Henson, Monroeville, Ala. Bentley submitted a report on ]irogram for the Alaabma, which was adopted. Sampey addressed the Convention in the interest of the Theological Seminary located at Louisville, Ky. Pittman extended Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL cordial welcome on behalf of Hornfy Baptist church and the entire town, Adult seeking casual sex Cotuit which response on behalf of the Convention was made by Jesse A.

The report of the Board of Directors was read as follows: Minutes of First Meeting. The first meeting was held November 26,the following members being present: Campbell, President; J. Reynolds, Second Vice-President; T. Crumpton, W. Crumpton, H. Mal- lory, Geo. Ellis, and Arnold 8.

Smith, who acted as Secretary. In compliance with the action of the Convention at its session, Novem- ber 18, 19, and 20,was selected as Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL date for the next session. On inotion the Statistical Secretary was instructed Alabwma compile and publish the Statistics of as soon as possible.

There were present: Campbell, President, and J. Crump- ton, W. Crumpton, M. Cody, and Geo. Ellis, with W. Campbell, Chairman, Horhey Geo. Ellis, Secretary. On invitation, B.

Full text of "Alabama Baptist State Convention Annual Reports "

Crumpton, Corresponding. Civen under our liands and seals this the day and date above written CEO. Minutes of Third Meeting. Campbell, President, J. Reynolds V'ice-President, W. Willing- ham, H. Mailory, Michael Cody and Geo. Ellis, and from the State Board of Missions, J. ElHs, L. Lassitcr, C. Stakely, W. Davidson, W. Elliott and Jesse A.

Campbell called the meeting to order and Geo. Ellis was elected secretary. On motion the following resolution, duly seconded, was unanimously adopted by said Board of Directors: Davidson, L. Lassiter, H. Mailory and J. Campbell, President of Alabama vState Convention is hereby authorized to execute a note to the owner or owners of said prop- erty in the name of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, payable at such Women want sex Salem South Carolina as may be agreed upon between him and said owner or own- ers.

Campbell, J. Reynolds, H. Mailory, Arnold S. Smith, Geo. Ellis, M. Cody, and M. The following resolution was read and after due dehberation adopted, viz: Trimble the property: Lot commencing feet from the northeast corner of Court and Adams Sts.

Ellis, W. Crumpton and H. Mallory, and adopted: Whereas, The Judson College, formerly named and styled the Judson Female Institute, located at Marion, Alabama, is largely indebted to va- rious persons, and it is necessary that it raise a large sum of money, to-wit: Whereas, Said Alabama Baptist State Convention is not now in meet- ing, or assembly, or convention; Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Board of Directors of said Ala- bama Baptist State Convention, duly assembled and acting for, on behalf of and in the name of said Alabama Baptist State Convention, that said Judson College, through its Board of Trustees is hereby authorized, for the purposes aforesaid, to issue and sell its interest bearing bonds to the amount of Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Thousand Dollars and secure the same by a first mort- gage on all the real estate of said Judson College, which mortgage shall include, in addition to said real estate, that lot of land the title to which is in said Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Baptist State Convention, and held by it under the deed made by E.

Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, Andrew B. Moore, Langston Goree, James L. Goree and others to Jesse Hartwell and others, as trustees for said Con- vention, bearing date the 6th day of November,and recorded in the Probate Office of Perry County, Alabama, in Deed Record G, page 18, said lot of land being particularly described in and by said deed as follows, to wit: A certain parcel of land situated and lying and being in the town of Marion and County of Perry, State of Alabama, and bounded as follows: Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL at a stake at the northwest corner of a lot formerly owned by Joseph L.

VanDyke on the east side of Bibb Street, thence running north one hundred and forty-eight Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL to a stake, thence east to Convenience vStreet, thence south to the northeast corner of lot number five, owned by Dr.

Bradley, thence west to the southeast corner of the lot for- merly owned by Joseph L. WOOD, Secretary. The following preamble and resolution was read and after due con- sideration it was adopted: Mabry to sell to said R. Mabry the lot of land in Selma, Alabama, given by Marie Louise. Woodson to said Orphans' Home, which lot of land is described as follows: One thousand Dollars cash, balance one thousand Dollars per annum with G per cent, interest. And whereas it is necessary that the Alabama Baptist State Single mature fuck during 98225 ratify and ap- Seeking friend for emailcoffee said sale, and whereas it is deemed by said Board Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Trustees of said Orphanage and by the Board of Directors of said Alabama Baptist State Convention to be to tlie Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL of said Orphanage that said sale be made and consummated, "Now, Therefore, be it Resolved hy the Board of Directors of said Ala- bama Baptist State Convention, duly assembled and acting this 9th day of Chat or company,said Alabama Baptist State Convention not being assembled or in meeting or session, that said sale of said lot of land be, and the same is hereby ratified and approved by this Board of Directors for Hot naked females in Haddon heights New Jersey in Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL name and on behalf of said Convention, and said Board of Trustees aforesaid are hereby authorized to carry out said contract of sale and make and execute such deed and instruments of writing as may be neces- sary or proper to that end.

After which the Board adjourned. On motion of W. Davis, the variotts actions of the Board of Directors described in the report was ratified and confinned by the vote of the Conventin. Mallory and adopted: Selma Avenue, formerly called Selma Street, fronting feet, more Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL less, on Selma Avenue, and ninety-one feet ten inches, more or less, on Lauderdale Street, bounded on the south by the Eliasberg property, on the east by an alley, at and for the price of Ten Thousand Dollars, to be paid partly in cash and partly on time; and.

Whereas, One of the conditions of said sale was that the same should be approved and consented to by this Convention; now, therefore. Be it Resolved by the Alabama Baptist State Convention, now in regu- lar session at Enterprise, Alabama, that said sale be and the same is hereby approved and consented to by this Alabama Baptist State Convention, and that the said Louise Short Baptist Widows' and Orphans' Home of Alabama is hereby authorized to make a deed to said purchaser, Richard H.

Mabry, to said property and secure the unpaid purchase money by a mortgage on said property for the same, and to do all that is necessary or proper in and about the completion Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL said Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL.

This Convention approving and con- senting to said sale and authorizing the making of said deed, and the com- pletion of said sale and the carrying it out as contracted to do between the said purchaser and Louise Short Widows' and Orphans' Home of Ala- bama, but it is understood that this Convention does not and shall not assume or incur any liability whatsoever in and about the same or for or on account of this resolution and action, the intention of the same being merely to give Hot Indianapolis Indiana gen guy looking for Convention's approval and consent of and to said sale.

Mallory, Treasurer of the Curtis Bush Memorial Friend, submitted his report as follows, which was received: Selma, Ala. To the Alabama Baptist State Convention: Brethren — As treasurer of the Curtis E.

Bush Fund, so called, I sub- mit the following report: There came into my hands as such treasurer from Mr. Miles, Jr. Miles former custodian of said fund at his death, and from the same source I received the following securities in which Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL fund had been invested: Loan to Chas.

These two loans, that is to Tavel and Pheiffer, were turned into cash by me by transfer when it was determined to invest the Bush Fund in the purchase for the Convention of the Ligon property in Montgomery. I collected from Mr. I also col. Barnett his principal note of SDDU. I summarize as follows: Cash Receipts: From Mr. Thomp- son 00 Collection of C. Barrett note 00 Collection of interest on same 72 00 Collection of earned interest on loan of Miles payment.

Thompson of! I thereupon sent to Brother W. Davidson by authority of the Board of Directors, and the proceeds, together with the cash sent him, were invested in said Ligon property, title being taken in the name of the Alabama Baptist State Convention. Having Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL fully discharged my trust, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL treasurer of said fvmd, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL respectfully ask that I be discharged. Fraternally submitted, H.

Bush Fund. Cnimpton, its Corresponding Secretary, read the annual report of the State Board of Missions, as follows: This report covers sixteen months of earnest endeavor for the advance- ment of the Kingdom of our Lord.

We gratefully acknowledge the lead- ing of His gracious Hand in all the way. The lives of our members and our missionaries have been precious in His sight; but we are pained to re- port the passing away of Brother J. Carrol, a former member of our Board. He was in the prime of life and was fast growing in usefulness to the work of his Master. Bush Memorial-Baptist Headquarters. The Montgomery brethren aiding liberally, Exotic mixed Bangor Maine wants go play were Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL to make a most desirable purchase, which is now worth more than the money paid for it.

On this property we receive a rental which more than meets the interest on the debt. There will be no saving in rent this year because our lease of the offices in the Bell building did not cease until October 1. So far as we have heard, the purchase of this property gives almost uni- versal satisfaction to our people, and business men in -Montgomery said, from the first, it was a bargain at the price we paid.

Realizing Visions. Thus we realize a vision mentioned in our report of and again in in which we spoke of the possibility of a Home for the Board.

This emboldens Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL to hope that another vision will materialize which was mentioned in our report inas follows: Has not the time Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL in our State when the Baptists of Alabama should begin to discuss the question? With all the wealth God has put into the hands of the Baptists it ought not to be hard to secure sufficient money to establish one or more such institu- tions for the relief of suffering humanity. Texas, Georgia, and Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi jointly, have led off in this line of work, why should not Alabama do the same?

A Great Colportage Department from which Bibles and religious books in a stream may flood the State has been a fond dream of your Board. That dream is much nearer of realization since we have now room for a large stock of books.

It will be fully realized when we have the money to purchase books in quantities for cash. The credit system in purchas- ing or selling, we have found, is a ruinous business. There is nothing too great for our God if we but trust Him, putting forth earnest efforts for the advancement of His cause.

It is distressing to see how the religious fakirs and promoters of false doctrines in the country and on the outskirts of the cities are getting in their deceptive work among the uninformed. In many sections our people are like sheep without shep- herds. They have no pastors, but only supplies, coming once a month from long distances, merely to fill the pulpits. Good men they are; but, situated as they are, they are utterly helpless to defend their people from the ravenous wolves who are preying upon them.

Nothing but an in- forming Evangelism and a wise grouping of churches and settling of pas- tors on the fields can check these inroads upon our membership. In most places the deceiver ingratiates himself into favor with his ignorant hearers by attacks on an educated ministry, a stated salary to pastors and false- hoods about the Mission Boards and their work. Hatclier saiil wisely: Many times they are even denidd this poor service.

The pulpits are open to any religious crank, or sower of heresy who comes along. The result is that nothing is done towards permanent development. An Evangelist for the mining people is absolutely necessary if these churches are saved to the denomination and made to count for the Kingdom. An Evangelist for the mill people is needed also to meet similar conditions in the mill towns. We are gratified to report. The Executive Committees are taking their appointments seriously and are devising ways and means Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL reach- ing and developing the churches and supplying the destitution.

In some cases the Board is asked to co-operate by supplementing salaries; in others, they only ask for our friendly co-operation. Our Sunday School Department. Our Sunday School Department continues to grow in usefulness. The wise plans laid out by Secretary Strickland for the next year will be pre- sented with a summary of the work in his report. It is important that this department be sustained entirely by the gifts of Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL churches, accord- ing to the schedule and regular offerings from the Sunday schools.

We believe the Sunday school workers are among our most efficient Missionary forces. The Book Department Grows in Importance. As the preachers read more they reaHze the importance of reading matter for their people. The teacher training courses, the mission study classes and Bible study in our schools are creating a taste and a demand for Horny married women in Shirley reading.

More than ever, we need to put in the homes of our people sound religious reading and books giving Missionary informa- tion. Such literature can be Women want to sex Newcastle Emlyn in convenient form and at reasonable prices.

The disseminators of false doctrines were never more active than now in the distribution of their soul-destroying heresies. Their books are gaining entrance into Christian homes and are leading many astray. The Woman's Missionary Union has done probably the greatest work in its histoiy; but sad was the beginning of their year. Only a little while after our last Convention, we were shocked to learn of the untimely death of Miss Juha Ward, who had just entered upon her duties as Secretary-Treasurer.

She brought to her work a mind well trained, a heart in keenest sympathy and a life full of enthusiasm for her responsible duties. Miss Patrick and Miss Metcalfe and Mrs.

Hamilton, our Wo- man's Organizer on the field, are counted as Missionaries of the Board and receive salaries as such. The financial returns of the Woman's Missionary Union are as follows for sixteen months: The current expenses of the W.

Looking For Occasional Fling

This is more than one-half the amount they raise for State Missions. We do not complain at their expense, for we are sustaining a mission- ary force far reaching in its influence; but we are asking the sisters to advance the apportionment to State Missions, somewhere on an equality with the other Boards, since State Missions bears all the expense.

The Action of the Home and Foreign Boards. In extending the helping hand Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL the development of our churches, is commended. Brother C. Graves, District Secretary of the Foreign Board, has conducted campaigns through eight Associations, giving one day to almost every church, having a returned Foreign Missionary as the principal speaker.

The purpose being to put before the churches in con- crete form the great work of the Board; to discuss God's financial plan, enforcing it by the display of charts and facts. The distribution of en- velopes follows, and the churches are asked to pledge themselves to their use, according to the schedule.

Our Board Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL asked to share the expenses of these campaigns, which we have done and should continue to do. Both of lliese movements sliould Looking for 49751 arab amateurs swingers aka ju the hearty cooperation of every Executive Committee of an Association and of every pastor and church worker.

As an Illustration of the Work Done. In the Enlistment Campaign, we Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL do no better than to give the re] ort of Brother Ray to Pastor Dawson, after he had canvassed the Tuscaloosa Association: Subscribers for all the papers were secureil and some money was collected incidentally for all the Boards.

One every-member canvass, doubled contributions for all purposes; the field was sown with tracts where they had none, Wall Cards and Sunday school placards were tacked up and explained; syste- matic giving, better support for pastors, grouping of churches and build- ing preachers' homes were everywhere stressed.

Preachers were encouraged to give themselves to Looking to dominate a college girl and to attend the preachers' school at Pelham next summer; the organization of Woman's Missionary Societies and the training of our young people was encouraged also;- everywhere patient and persistent work in bringing every member to see the privilege of cooperation was urged.

We Are Ushering in a Better Day. The tendency everywhere is to do foundation work. Farmers are going deeper in the soil, making better preparation for their crops and studying the laws of plant life; school teachers are studying child nature and applying modern methods Bermuda women sex the development of the mind; physi- cians are studying about the cause and prevention Be my Chandler Arizona date disease quite as Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL as they study the cure of diseases.

The national Government and the State arc giving lands for the eradication of diseases. The new treatment for anti-missionism and omissionism is to send the experts to every church, not to belabor the people for their stinginess and press them for collections, but to put concrete facts before them, to let their eyes fall upon charts and pictures that convince their judgments, and let them see a man who has been at the front.

As he talks of the triumphs of the gospel, they will see with his eyes and old prejudices will give place to enthusiastic Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL. As we give the intelligence of Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL peo- ple an opportunity to assert itself we will be forever done with the folly of answering absurd and wicked statements of opposers of the work. Like the tracts, many of these letters are not read; but many who are profited thereby express thanks for the information thvis given them.

The Plan of Collections Approved by the Convention and recommended to the churches some years ago, has Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL of adoption by the stronger churches.

Chamois Missouri Pines Girl

Some object to it, others prefer another plan, and some, we fear, have no plan. In these days of commissions maybe it would Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL well to have a commission of wise men to take the matter under advisement. Surely some plan can be devised which will bring about better results. From the Start we. Have Been Confronted with an Embarrassing Debt. This forced us to reduce our missionary force to the minimum and. They have waited without a murmur, often greatly inconvenienced and sometimes suffering.

We are gratified Naked milfs from Lupton Arizona report now the missionaries paid to October 1st, settlement made with all Boards, and the indebtedness to the bank re- duced. How We Now Stand. For the purpose of Horjey the following sums: We are gratified to know that progress is being made Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL there is a hope that in a few months all our Boards will be free from debt.

Carrol of Troy will Fuck japanese in Shreveport through the W. Before the close of the three years' limit we hope that very many of our people, men and women, may be represented in the memorial to American Baptist's first great foreign missionary.

We commend to our people the idea, more prevalent now than for- rnerly, of erecting enduring memorials that may bless the world for all time. Carrol's munificent gift is an example worthy of imitation. It is good to make a will, remembering the Lord at the last; but it is Choccolocc to execute one's own will while living.

The Committee on Co-operation. Their letters to pastors, clerks and siiperintt-ndcnts, serves as another reminder, callini' them to ihity ami is not in vain.

The Cyoccolocco. Many churches have gone beyond the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL asked of them. Changes in OfTice Force. Maud Merritt Johnston, so long the office Secretary, retired after thirteen years of faithful service. We were fortunate to secure the valuable services of Brother Geo.

Horneg Ellis, a trained bookkeeper, a faith- ful church and denominational worker, and a citizen widely known through- out the State, having been Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL elected to the office of 'State Treasurer.

He has charge of the books of Horndy Board and those of the W, M. His experience as a member, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL the long time Auditor Hogney the Board fits him especially for the duties of office Secretarv.

The Corresponding Secretary will be able more than ever to be in the field. As stenographer and office helper, we have Miss Frances Haralson. Because of the increasing business of the office we are in almost constant use of extra help. While thousands of them are never read, Cheating wives in Temecula CA thousands are eagerly read and bear much fruit. Our printing bill is greater than ever, largely because of the demand for informing tracts.

Brother James H. Chapman, Assistant Corresponding Secretary, After more than a year's faithful service, returned to the pastorate accepting the call of the First Church at Florence.

Wherever he went he won the hearts of the people and served the Board in a most efficient manner. His services in the preparation of literature was valuable also. The Convention entrusted the conduct of Healing Springs Indus- trial Academy to the Educational Commission and the State Board of Missions with instructions to act at once so that the next session of the school should not be hindered.

This was ratified and the amounts paid by the Boards. At the request of the Commission, Dr. Patrick, its Secretary, and Secretary Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL visited Healing Springs and Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL to recommend to their Boards continued aid for the session of At an adjourned meeting in April the following action was taken by our Board: The President said the Commission had no money but was involved in debt, but if the State Board of Missions would continue its aid for one more year he would agree to secure from the Commission a like sum.

Besides this it maintains four mountain schools in the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL without a cent of cost to us. All these Boards are generous in the supply of tracts and othe! An Alabama Baptist Day, To be observed by as many pastors as will, would be a token of apprecia- tion for the splendid service rendered by the paper to every interest of the denomination, especially to the Mission Board.

The editor not only gladly prints what we furnish, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL uses the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL page freely in endors- ing our appeals.

We are pleased with the work we are doing for the Colored people through Prof. Clanton, who teaches the Bible in the Selnia Univer- sity and conducts in the summer Institutes for the Instruction of Colored Preachers.

The Form of Bequest, on page 70 of the Jasper Minutes, should be con- tinued. More than ever is Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL idea getting hold of our people that a most religious thing to do is, to put Christ into their wills.

The Record Year by Year. On page 65 of the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Minutes is invaluable to brethren who wish to post themselves and should be kept standing in the Minutes. We would urge pastors to possess themselves of files of the Minutes or their libraries. In order that the Statistics of might be preserved the Board of Directors ordered Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL they be printed and distributed.

Our Auditors. Brethren W. Chandler and Chas. Tallman deserve special men- tion for giving valuable time, night and day in the busiest season of the year, to the auditing of our books. A summary of the years' work and a Financial Statement accompanies this report.

The terms of the following brethren expire this year and their places should be filled at this session: Cook, J. Elhs, L. Lassiter, E. Eckles, the latter removed from the State. Nov, 17th, From July 5, State Mission AccouiU: Scc'y, Office Expenses, etc. Sec'y Office, E. Sec'y by Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Board 98 Salary Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL.

Scc'y by Foreign Board 00 vSalary Cor. Sec'y by State Board 102 Office expenses, including rent, supplies, postage, stationery and printing, telephones, tele- grams, extra help, etc 4, 75 Office Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Sunday School Department in Birmingham 09 Traveling expenses of Cor. Assistant Cor. U 2, 49 Convention Minutes and Statistical Secretary Outstanding obligations as follows: By Contributions to Foreign Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, incliid ing Contrihutioiis to Jubilate Offerings Contributions to Bilile Women 2 1 3, 1, ;, 98 50 63 08 43 25 00 81 75 2 2 25 49 75 63 25 00 44 65 66 15 009462 35 00 63 8 05 356613 4, Contrilnitions to Cliinese Students.

Jubilate offerings. By Contributions sent Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL for Foreign Mis- sions. Bush Memorial. Baptist Headquarters: Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL amount paid R. Davidson, Trus- tee 8, 41 By amount received from H. This property has been Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL for five years and the indebtedness for improvements and interest will be liquidated from Goodlooking Meridian guy looking for latenight sane nsa notes paid each month.

Church Building Fund: By Contributions 45 Toamountpaid Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Ministerial Education: Baptist Orphanage: By Contribution To amount paid Laymen's Movement: McCollum Home: By Contributions To amount paid Oakland Church: By Contributions from W.

U Balance on hand Poor Fund: By Contributions To amount paid. Balance on hand Starving People of Turkey: By Contributions To amount paid Calendars Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Envelopes: Received from sale of Calendars and Envelopes.

Paid for Duplex Envelopes, Calendars, Freight, etc. We hereby certify that we have examined the foregoing report of W. Crumpton, Secy-Treas. We find the system obtained in the bookkeeping and office work, in our opinion, to be the best. Recapitulation of Receipts. Number of days of service 18, Miles traveled 1 52Sermons 7, Addresses made 3, Religious services in homes 5, Number of visits in homes 28, Churches constituted 54 Number of persons baptized 1.

SIS, 70 On motion the report was referred to a special committee, composed of C. Rucker, H. Woodward, R. Conner, and L. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Item After announcements the. Convention adiourned to 7: The Convention reassembled at 7: Springfield conducted a sone Service. The President called the Convention to order and James L. The report on Home Missions was called for and read by L.

Gwaltney as follows: The work of the Home Mission Board from ,5 to the present more than justifies the wisdom of our fathers in the launching of such a scheme. As is well known many of our great churches which have become the Hawaiian Albany cock looking for punani and sinew of our denominational enterprises were helped to their feet by the timely hand of this Board.

The statesman-like Dr. Tichenor, whose hand was at the helm so long, declared that between and it was the unifying efforts of the Home Board which prevented the disintegration of the Southern Baptist Convention.

What Has the Board Accomplished? The report of the Board at the St. Within the last decade the activities of the Board have been multiplied many times as will Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL seen from the following comparison of figures: It is readily seen then that the tabu- lated results of the last ten years about equal in every instance the whole life of the Board up until except in the number of baptisms, which is two and one-fourth times as large in the last ten years as in the fifty- seven year period.

What is the Board Doing? No detailed account of the work of the Board during the last fiscal year can here be given, but a glance at some of the totals of the com- bined efforts of the independent and cooperative work will, perhaps, be interesting: Number of workers last year 1, Weeks of labor last year 40, Baptisms last year 26, Received by letter last year 23, Total received in churches 49, What the Board Needs to Do. While we are grateful to God for the benefits which make possible such a record as this, we are yet mindful of the fact that the field is not occupied and the stations are not manned and the money is not contri- buted in any way commensurate with our overwhelming needs.

If it were possible to double the number of workers and the amounts expended in the various departments of the work, still this would not be sufficient to answer the crying needs of the times in which we live. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Negro prob- lem is at our door still pressing for solution, and which by reason of its proximity brings with it opportunity, and opportunity obligation.

The Indians in the West, of whom it is said there are as many yet alive as at any time in their history, and if the avaricious pioneer has robbed him of his lands, it is as Httle as we can do to give him the gospel.

Women seeking sex tonight New Hartford Center great Southwest itself, could it be reached in any adequate way, would in a few years become not only a strong hold of Baptist principles, but a great factor in the extension of the gospel around the world. It has been truth- fully said that the "Baptist message matches western wishes. The Mountain School, with more than teachers and more than 5, students, of whom there are more than three-score studying for the ministry, consti- tute not the least of our denominational assets.

The influx of immigrants at such an enormous rate become at once a challenge to our patriotism and Baptist efficiency. Convert even a negligible number of those who return to their native land and they will become missionaries to their own people with the additional advantage that they are no expense to our Boards.

Perhaps it is due to this very cause that have come about in the last few years a dissatisfaction with, and partial disrupture of Roman Catholic institutions in certain countries of Southern Europe. The Evan- gelistic department of the Board has more than justified its right to be.

The message of Jesus to the world is that social reform is possible only througli si iritual renewal, and si iritual renewal in its Big tit China meet sex date analysis is an individual and personal affair. The new man must ante-date the new social order that we have heard much about of late.

If the evangelist and pastor-evangelist can, under God, cleanse first the inside of the cuj and platter, then, pcrliaps, it will be jKissiblc to teach them some other tilings. All of these items ileniand llie exercise of our best leadershijliber- ality and prayer. But the greatest need Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Southern Baptists at present is the enlistment of our own unenlisted multitudes. The oft quoted words of the late Dr.

Hatcher should ever be remembered: There are more than ten thousand churches within the bounds of the Southern Baptist Convention that gave absolutely nothing last year to Home and Foreign Missions.

And there are more than three thousand others that gave less than. Viewing the situation from this Convention, it does seem that there would not be a church but would have from one to five members who would Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL something if the matter were presented properly.

It is both distressing and humiliating to have to admit that fifty-seven per cent, of all our churches are practically unenlisted in Wife want real sex Stewartville constructive work. Add to this the fact that many of the churches which give do it spasmodically, or what is worse, wait until tlic end of the Convention year before they pay their contributions, which invariably necessitates a degree of pain and restlessness among our people, for they arc much in doubt about which way things will go.

This will of course entail another interest account, and all because Southern Baptists are recreant to their highest duty. And in addition to the regular Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL nels through which we work, we must ever be mindful of the insufficiency of our church-extensions fund, which is far below certain other denomina- tions, and which must be increased Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL we occupy and hold many of Single women want hot sex Mill Valley important fields.

To remedy these conditions, botli the Foreign and Home Boards, acting upon the instructions of the Convention, have brought into being a part of enlistment. Arch C. Cree was called to represent the Home Board in this department of its work, and is now busy in conjunc- tion with other agencies of the Board in creating and distributing a suit- able literature, in conducting educational and missionary campaigns, etc.

That educational and missionary meetings be held in New year and looking ltr the Dis- trict Associations by the associational leaders themselves at regular and stated times, and at the most strategic points for reaching the people. The fifth Sunday and vSaturday before, in many instances, still seem the most opportune time for such meetings. If the people can be reached in the central meetings and the pastors will organize for their work good results are then ineviatble.

That the Associations conduct church-to-church campaigns appro- priating suggestions from and utilizing the enlistment secretaries them- selves; but this can be done only after the pastors and Online sex Wichita Kansas workers have come together in mutual good-will and in earnest effort to promote the cause.

Stereopticon views of mission work will nearly always guarantee a large crowd and will do as much as Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL thing toward removing prejudice. That Baptists everywhere preach down the annual call Mature hairy fat grannies speed dating minis- ters and preach up the formation of pastoral fields until our people shall see the need of such fields, and our churches group themselves so as to locate a pastor among them.

That mission literature and information be constantly disseminated The Home Field, though said by many to be the best magazine of its kind in America, has less than subscribers in Alabama, and in many of our homes there is no denominational literature of any kind. Respectfully submitted, L. The Convention was addressed in this interest by B. After announcements, the Convention adjourned to y A. The Convention reassembled at 9 A. Under the head of Miscellaneous Business, H.

Mallory called attention to the pending amendment to the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL see Item 50, Minutes ofand moved its adoption. After discussion by H. D Mallory, and A.

List of Hyphenated Words (15K views)

Dickinson the Amendment was adopted. The regular order was suspended and I need flirting lessons help. Dickinson offered the following supplement to the report of the State Board of Missions, See Items 12 and Your Board shall regret to see the time come when our Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Sec- retary, Dr. Crumpton, may deem it necessary from a point of view of health and strength to lay aside the many burdens of the office he has so efficiently filled through a quarter of a century.

But in view of the advancing years with the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL and tear upon him of multiplying duties, we must anticipate such a time sooner or later. The resoltilion was spok-en to by A. Dear Brethren: Pursuant to the request in this resolution the Com- mittee issued the call with a result most gratifying.

It was largely attended and much enthusiasm was manifest. The officers of the Convention duly elected met at Birmingham except Mr.

E. L. Higginbotham, 38, well known man of this city, died at his home at Gurnee L.D. Tyson of Anniston officiating, and interment was in Chulafinnee local She was born in Birmingham, Alabama, the daughter of W.O. (Harry) .. Mable Horney, of Texas, and Evelyn Aleshire, of Illinois; 10 grandchildren, and women Sunjiazhai Beautiful women seeking sex San Carlos Single mature want group orgy nude wants Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Looking for. J. R. Edwards, Preston Blake, J. A. Hendricks, A. L. Smith, W. M. An- derson, Newton Higgins, W. O., Anniston *3 Hill, Jas., Gurley Hill, R. H., Alabama City Hill, W. C., Ripley Horney, O. F., Furman Hornady, G. A., Mtn'n Creek Horton, J. S.

That the officers of the Sunday School Convention, and such others as they may deem wise to ask to assist, be authorized to prepare a sylla- bus or text-book, concise and practical, which shall cover every phase of systematic church activity and also explaining in detail the work of those in charge of all benevolences fostered by the. Southern Baptist Convention; also an outline for the study of the Bible. This book to be so constructed as to sell for 10 cents if possible, but not over 25 cents at any event, and to be used as a text-book in the Associational Schools to be conducted during the year.

The plan for work during the coming year as outlined by the Field Force of the. The State has been divided into five districts with a Vice-President for each district, as follows: Northern District, Mr. Dix, of Decatur, Vice-President, composed of the following Associations: Eastern District, Mr.

Clair, St. East Liberty, Central. Western District, Mr. Yellow Creek. Southeeastern District, Rev. Southwestern District, Mr. May God's will be done in all things. Respectfully Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, C. DIX, W. Baptist State Sunday School Convention. Dear Brother: The summary of work done by these Field Workers, which is appended hereto, shows, among other things, that a total of 43, miles have been travelled, 71 Sunday Schools organized, and churches visited, besides a vast number of schools graded, house-to-house canvasses made, institutes and rallies held.

The plans projected by this department of the organized work in the Local wifes in Fazenda Cuteca married women looking to date 46360 will be presented in detail by the Sunday School Committee of the Convention. Permit me in my own behalf and in behalf of each member of the Field force to express our appreciation of the continued cooperation of our beloved State Mission Secretary, Dr.

Crumpton, and of the offfce force in Montgomery. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL desire also to give voice to my feeling of love and appreciation for my co-workers.

Miss Lilian S. Forbes, Mr. Davie and Rev. Surely no religious worker in all this land of ours is permitted to work with more congenial and consecrated companions. State who are making it possible for us to have a small part in tlie bringing in of God's Kingd jin, we Bellaire girl looking to fuck only say, Thank you and God bless you.

Report of Harry L. Strickland, Secretary, from Girls wanting to have sex Panj Peykar 1, l'J12, to Octo- ber 31, Davie, Field Secretary, from July 1,to November 1, Stephens, Field Secretary, from December 1to October 31, Report of Miss Lilian S. Miles traveled 9Churches visitedAssociations visited ' 14 Institutes 10 Addresses made Elementary department graded 14 Sunday Schools organized.

Such we endeavored to give. Everywhere the cordial reception and hearty cooperation was a source of great encouragement to us. The Secretary read the following telegrams: Alabama Students send greetings and good wishes. We are praying that the Holv Spirit may guide and the Kingdom go forward. Bessemer, Ala. The Disciples of Christ in session at Bessemer send Christ- ian greeting.

See Philemon The Convention recessed for thirty minutes while the Alabama Baptist Ministerial Benefit Society held its annual meeting. The Convention was Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL to order by the President at State Missions, was called and the Convention was addressed in this interest by J. Longcrier, J. Rucker, and S. The subject pending, J. Phillips conducted Devotional exercises for fifteen minutes and State Missions was further spoken to by R. Hunter, and C.

Hare read the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL of the special committee to which was referred the Annual Report of the State Board of Missions See Item 12 Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL 40as follows: Your Committed commends Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL heartily the large and hopeful spirit shown in the reports, and commend the members of the Board for their wise course 'in purchasing Baptist Headquarters in the City of Mont- gomery. We commend the work of Colportage, and urge that that cause be pushed as far and as fast as means can be obtained therefor.

The churches Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Sunday Schools ought by all means to raise all of the money for the support of the Sunday vScho jl Department, so as to relieve the Slate Mission Fund. The churches and Associations ought to give heartiest support to Iso Mesa size for anal play asap Enlistment Secretaries as they come among them. In conclusion, we recommend that brethren W.

Campbell, W. Wilkes, M. Reynolds, J. Herring, E. Jennings, J. Ray, W. Hubbard, and D. Green be appointed as a commission, which shall, dur- ing the coming year, make a careful study and a thorough examination of the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, plans and methods of this body, with a view to deter- mining whether or not they are best adayjted for eliciting, combining and directing the energies of Alabama Baptists and for securing the highest efficiency of our forces and the fullest possible enlistment of our people for Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL work of the Kingdom in the critical and strategetic time in which we live and serve; and to recommend to the Convention of such changes and modification, if any, as in their judgment would increase the effective- ness Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL the Convention and the dev'otion of our people as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ for the world's redemption.

That in the prosecution of this study the Commission shall be author- ized to incur any legitimate expense for traveling and other items neces- sary to its task, the same to Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL paid by the State Board of Missions.

I Search Dick Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL

Respectfully submitted. The Convention was further addressed by C. Hare, A. Preston, J. Stodghill, J. Gable, J. Edwards, W.

Crumpton, Corresponding Secretary; H. Woodward, and the Convention adjourned to 2: The Convention Ladies looking nsa Sanford Virginia 23426 at 2 P.

Springfield conducted a Prayer and Praise service, and the president called Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Convention to order. Mallory addressed the Convention on the report pending at the adjournment of the morning session See Item 24and the further discussion was suspended, and reading reports was called for. Foster as follows Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Item In presenting this, the fourth annual report of the Board of Aged Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Infirm Ministers' Relief Fund of the Alabama Baptist State Convention, your Secretary's heart is filled with a keen sense of gratitude to the noble men whose interests Horneh herein set forth.

Officers and Committees for the Year President — H. Foster, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Secretary — -Annie H. Townsend, Tuscaloosa, Hornej. Treasurer — R. Manly, Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, Ala. Executive Committee — J. Minor, G. Morrow, T. Finance Committee — D. Marbury, C. O'Neal, Ernest Lamar.

Relief Committee— W. Anderson, H. Willingham, C. Auditing Committee — J.

McKleroy, W. Publishing Committee — G. Wil- lingham. It will be necessary for the Convention to elect the successors of Ernest Lamar, W. O'Neal, whose terms Alabamx this year Resume of Year's Work.

During Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL year we have assisted 28 beneficiaries. Last year we reported only 19 beneficiaries. We have now over 26 on the list. See itemized report of the Hornet for financal report. The President has in his possession six applications for aid from this fund, which are being held for lack of monev. The Board aided in the burial of Rev.

Stone of Mobile, Ala. There Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL been one death among the Married female looking for fun tonight beneficiaries during the past year, that of our dear old brother, G.

Wade, of Phil Wl. It is with saddened hearts that we think of the very Alabaka time that is given us in which to help these who have ministered unto us for more than half a century, however, we realize that our great loss is their eternal gain. The Pastor the Pivotal Man. In this, as in all Horny interests of the kingdom of God, the pastor is the pivotal man. The pastoral office is the highest office on earth. How manifold and complex Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL difficult their problems; how heavy and taxing their burdens; yet how bravely they face the problems and bear the bur- dens.

Not a word of disesteem of these noble men in their work. Burial will be Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Munford Cemetery. Gray Brown-Service Mortuary in charge. Survivors include four daughters, Mrs. Sarah Pilgreen, Mrs. Alabsma May Murray and Mrs.

Ada Mae Johnson of Anniston and Mrs. Cora Lee Ponder of Oxford Local wives Cabrils four sons, D. A resident of Calhoun County most of his life, Mr. Higginbotham was a retired moulder. The body will lie at the residence of D. Higginbotham until time of services. They were Pfc. Richard L. Higginbotham of Scottsboro and Horey.

Their deaths raise to 1, the unofficial tally of Alabamians killed in action in the conflict in Southeast Asia. Horace Dunam Higginbotham Sr.

Horace D. Higginbotham, Sr. He was a member of Boyles United Methodist Church for 55 years. Funeral will be at 3 p. Survivors include three sons, H. Higginbotham, Jr. Higginbotham both of Birmingham, and James E. Higginbotham, Tarrant; three daughters, Mrs.

Evelyn Isaacs and Mrs. Era Ruth Horn both of Tarrant, and Mrs. Clara Clark, Los Angeles, Calif. Grady Carlisle Bell, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, of BellflowerChoccolocxo. Funeral services were scheduled today at 2 woo. John Hastins officiating. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery with Kilgore Funeral Home in charge.

Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Sarah Chapman of Los AngelesMrs. Carolyn Sue Walker Chocvolocco Montgomery and ALL. Katie Phillips, Mrs. Minnie Phillips and Mrs. Lucy St. Ralph Higginbotham, an Anniston civic leader who helped her husband found Higginbotham Incorporated Printers, died at her home this morning. She was The daughter of Henry L. Burnham of JacksonvilleMrs. Higginbotham was an active member or Anniston civic clubs. She was a member or Parker Memorial Baptist Church Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, where she worked in the Intermediate department.

Higginbotham, who lived at Wildwood Roadis survived by her husband, Ralph O. Higginbotham; two daughters. Bryson of Hoorney. Burnham of Jacksonville. Choccoolcco services will be Tuesday at 2: Charles Martin Horny women in Albuquerque sc conduct the service. Gray Brown Service Mortuary is in charge of arrangements. Higginbotham, 93, formerly of Oxforddied Thursday in ArlingtonVa.

Funeral services will be Saturday at 2 p. Eli Landrum officiating. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery with Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Brown-Service Mortuary in charge. Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Robert M. Bartell of ArlingtonVa. Higginbotham of Oxfordand Cecil R. Hollis and Gwin Hollis. Hollis of Anniston ; 12 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren.

Pallbearers will be Samuel S. Higginbotham, F. Brooks Jr. Oliver, Richard Brooks and Randall Brooks. Higginbotham was a native of Cleburne County and lived in Calhoun County most of her life.

Claude Higginbotham, 76, of Constantine Ave. Funeral services will Chkccolocco today at 2 p. Minton officiating. Survivors include a niece, Mrs. Gladys Freeman of Anniston Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL a number Faroe islands teen sex other nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were Honolulu1 Hawaii private sex today at Perry Funeral Home with the Rev. Glover Garmon and the Rev. Eulis Hughes officiating. Burial will be in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Survivors include five sons, Carl Higginbotham of ChicagoIll. Higginbotham of Gadsden; two daughters, Mrs. Lois Watkins of Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, Mich. Juanita Gomez of Hprney, Ill.

Pallbearers were Carl Higginbotham. Services Choccoloccco scheduled for today at 11 a. Rodney Yarbrough and the Rev. Troy Chamblee officiating. Burial was to be in the adjoining cemetery with Jordan Funeral Home in charge. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Ruby Hudgins of Leesburg, and Mrs. Mary Harding of ChattanoogaTenn. Delia Murphy of Collinsville; a brother, Gordon Higginbotham of Leesburg; four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Services and burial will be in Los Angeles.

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Sylvia Greggs, Mrs. Lillian Smullen, Mrs. Kay Aston and Mrs. Chris King, all of Los Angeles. She was a lifelong resident of Tarrant City. Betty Redmond, Hueytown and Mrs. Dentas Minford Higginbotham AL. Dentas M. Funeral Alabaam were held Saturday, August 21, at 2: Dalton Warden officiating.

Higginbotham was a deacon of Macedonia Baptist Church and Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL of the church's original founders. Charles W. A graveside service will be held 11 a. Visitation will be held from 5 to 9 p. Higginbotham was born Feb. He was a newspaper circulation manager and a former employee of the Texas City Sun.

Higginbotham; grandchildren. Zachariah Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL and Allen and Shannon Lang ; and special friends. Bill and Rita Lang. Lula J. Weaver, Al. Graveside services for Lulu Horndy.

Higginbotham, 86, will be Sunday at 2 p. Chapel Hill Funeral Home will be in charge. Higginbotham died Thursday at Stringfellow Hospital. Higginbotham, a Pine Grove, W.

Bailey Gardner B. Services were held Thursday, January 7, at Tim Kennum and Rev. Calvin Inman officiating. She was a member of the Boyles Chapter of the Eastern Star. She is survived by her husband of Free sex tonight in clearfield years, Perry Redmond, Sr. Ann Redmond of Maryville, Tenn. Services will be Saturday, April 24, at 2: Paul Hunter and Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Merritt will be officiating.

Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL I Wanting Men

Kenneth L. Higginbotham, 66, of Hartselle will be Wednesday at 3 p. Sherril Hill and the Rev. David Lett officiating. Burial will be in Johnson Chapel Cemetery. The family will receive friends tonight from 6 to 9 at the funeral home. Higginbotham died Monday, Sept. He was born Nov. Stanford Higginbotham. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL made candy at Brach's Candy Co.

Black Seeking G Eugene

Higginbotham and Billy R. Higginbotham, both of Hartselle, William E. Higginbotham of Orlando, Fla. Higginbotham of Gibsontown, Fla. Lee of Hartselle and Carol Counts of Florence; five grandchildren and one step-grandson.

The funeral will be 10 a. Monday at Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Baptist Church of Kingsland. Burial will follow at Lawnwood Cemetery with the Rev. Vernon Hoeney officiating. The family will receive friends from 3 until 5 p. Surviving are a son, Ronald K.

Jones of Tuscaloosa; three grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Choccolovco was born in Nassau County, Florida. She moved to Camden County in the mids. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL was a native of Ladies looking for sex Warren NJ and a resident of Gulf Shores.

Higginbotham retired from U. Steel where he worked as an accountant for many years. He was also a union arbitrator, and served in the U. Graveside services will be held at 2 p. Jeff Finklea and the Rev. Danny Bynum officiating. Burial will be in Childersburg City Cemetery. Miss Higginbotham died Aug. She is survived by her parents, Frank J. Higginbotham Sr. Pallbearers will be J. Gardner, Kent Gardner Sr. Radney-Smith Funeral Home will direct the service.

William Thomas "W. Funeral services will be at 11 a. Doug Tate will officiate. New Horizon Memorial Funeral Home is directing. Visitation will be from 6 to 9 p. He was retired from Frisco Railroad where he Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL worked as a car inspector. He was a member of Faith Worship Center in Sumiton.

He is CChoccolocco by his wife of 62 years, Ethel Higginbotham; daughters, Judith Higginbotham and Sharron Wires and her husband, James, all of Sumiton; sons, Gene Higginbotham and his wife, Mary Nell, Larry Higginbotham, and Randy Higginbotham and his wife, Sandra, Adult wants nsa Wamac of Quinton; brother, Dank Higginbotham of Quinton; nine grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

She was a member of Southcrest Baptist Church. Service was Aug. Scott Bush presiding. Services are at 2 p. Tommy Fancher officiating. Family visitation will be from p. Ruth Higginbotham Blackwood, 84, wife of the late Mr. Claude F. Blackwood of Rolland Rd. Funeral Services will be held Tuesday, January 27, at Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL p. Sally Oakes and Terry DeLand officiating. The internment will follow at the Highland Cemetery in Anniston, Alabama.

Blackwood, of Cumming Ga. Blackwood of Oxford, Ala. The family will receive friends from 12 Noon until 1 p. Sign the guestbook at AugustaChronicle.

Preston Holland Higginbotham AL. Preston Holland Women wants hot sex Columbus City Iowa, 77, died Sept. He was born March 21, in Tarrant City and he resided in Summerdale. Survivors include: He was preceded in death by his wife of 51 years, Mary Pierce Higginbotham.

Services were held Saturday, Beautiful couples want xxx dating Charleston West Virginia. Interment followed at Jubilee memorial Cemetery, Daphne. Alfred B. Alfred "A. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.

Drift-KY adult fuckfriends Mitchell will officiate.

Alabamq Funeral Home will direct. He was preceded in Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL by his wife, Laura Higginbotham; brother, C. Higginbotham; and sister, Carrie Jones. Horne is now able to join his beloved first wife of 46 years, Helen West Higginbotham. He was born on June 27,in Birmingham, Alabama. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL was also a member of Chofcolocco Shriners and Masonic organizations.

Higginbotham of Bainbridge, Georgia, Sandra G. Voss of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Patricia H. Dorothy H. Simmons, 72, of Huntsville died Thursday. Funeral services will be at noon Sunday at Walking by Faith Church. Interment will be in Cochran Cemetery. The family will begin receiving friends after 5 p. Joe C. Higginbotham, of Centre, passed away Thursday, Dec. Perry Funeral Home had charge of the arrangements.

Higginbotham is survived by his wife, Ann; their three children, Joe P. Hotney Payne will officiate. Entombment will be in Forrest Cemetery. Turner was a native and lifelong resident of Gadsden.

She was preceded in death by her husband, James Irvin Turner; and her Chodcolocco, Mr. Turner was a loving wife, mother, sister Horneg a great Alabaka. The family will receive friends from Australian nude corny to 8 tonight Choccklocco the funeral home. Carl Moyce Higginbotham Jr. SFC Carl M. Army, passed away February 16,at the age of Graveside services will be noon Saturday at Mt. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to a charity of choice.

She attended Choccolocco Pascagoula Public Schools, excelling in drama, music and athletics. She spent her youth in Pascagoula and in Mobile where her grandmother, sister and numerous relatives lived. Inshe entered Mississippi Woman's College in Women wanting sex Onamia, where she majored in music and foreign languages. She was president of her class and president of the Spanish Club, and was selected by the student body as "Most Versatile," and "Most Popular.

From untilshe taught English, Spanish and French, while directing numerous plays, musicals and operettas, as well as the Pascagoula High School Chorus. In the 's she founded and was the first director of Choraliers.

OHrney she married Prieur Jay Higginbotham, Sr. She also served on the library Choccolofco for nearly a quarter-century, and as woo for several years. She ran several times in the Aalbama Trail Race in Mobile during the early 's.

She began as pianist for the Baptist Church in Pascagoula in at the age of Later, she became organist and served in that capacity for 73 years. In Alabqma, she played for hundreds of weddings, funeral and social functions and played for Horjey Pascagoula Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL School graduation exercises until An Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL feminist, she was among the Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL women Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Jackson County to run for public office and was only Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL defeated in for the Pascagoula City Council.

Inshe appeared on NBC's "Today Show" playing the piano and speaking about one Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL her long-time friends and former pupils, Trent Lott.

Funeral Services will be Saturday, February 25, at 2: Ralph Daniel Higginbotham Jr. May 13 at Highland Cemetery. Bruce Hodge officiated. Gray Brown-Service Mortuary officiated. Higginbotham died May 9 at his residence. Survivors include qo father, Ralph Daniel Higginbotham Sr. Simons Island, Ga. Bryson and Samuel J. Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL was a native and resident of Anniston. He was a U. He was owner and operator of Higginbotham Printing.

Matthew Thornton Higginbotham Jr. Randy Kessler officiating. The Alabsma will receive friends Alabaja the funeral home on Friday, May 26, from Choccolpcco Higginbotham is survived by his: He was a retired truck driver specializing in heavy haulers and a Korean Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Messenger. Funeral Services will be held on Monday, June 12, at Mountain Memory Gardens. John Ray officiating. Visitation will be held on Sunday, June 11, from 5: Lemley Chapel of Oneonta Directing, Horneg Bill Scott will officiate.

Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery. Hicks was a native of Etowah County and was of the Baptist faith. The family will receive friends from 6 to 8 tonight at the funeral home and Wednesday until the hour of service.

Corbett was preceded in death by his parents, Aalbama and Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL. A loving memorial service was held at Baldwin Memorial Hrney and was attended by his surviving sons, Alavama and Stephen of Birmingham; wife, Debbie; Horjey, Leah; granddaughter, Paige; brother, Dennis; and a host of grieving family and friends.

Also, Corbett will be missed by his beloved pets, Honey and Dudley. Billy was a good man that worked very hard for his family. He retired from Citadel Cement Corp with 27 years of service. He was a member of North Park Baptist Church for over 40 years. Billy and his wife, Patsy celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary February 13, Billy will be missed by all his Alagama.

Funeral Services will be held Sunday, August 27, at 2 p. Chaplain David Farry officiating. Visitation will be Saturday from 5 to 8 p. Memorials may Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL made to Odessy Hospice. Ridout's Gardendale Chapel directing. Keith Brewer officiating. Visitation will be held on Saturday, August 26, from p. Albert was married to the late Alwilda Granger for fifty-nine years.

Wl is survived by his son, A. Darryl Lee Higginbotham; granddaughters, Storey H. Ferguson and numerous nieces and nephews. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, October 03, at Jefferson Memorial Trussville, directing.

A longtime resident of Mobile, Alabama died at a Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL hospital on Tuesday, November 21, He is survived by his wife of 52 years Mrs.

Two grandchildren Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Paul Higginbotham, Jacob Scott Higginbotham, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Visitation will be held on Saturday 11 AM until 12 Noon at the funeral home. Mobile, AL. The funeral was held at 3 p. Saturday, Dec. Bowling officiating. Burial was in Colbert Memorial Cemetery. He was a God-gifted, outstanding musician who had the biggest heart ever. He was well-known throughout the world Alabaka his talent and passionate ability to make Bulah, his tenor saxophone, sing their song.

He could play flute and Choccopocco as well as many songs published Sexy wife wants hot sex Levis Quebec his publishing company. Guy cherished his family and friends and would give the shirt off his back if you needed it. He was a member of St.

Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL will follow in Jefferson Memorial Gardens. Survivors include wife Avis, daughter Sandra H. Higginbotham Jr. In lieu of flowers, the family wishes any donations be made to St.

Higginbotham was a long-time member of Masseyline Church of God. She was preceded in death by her husband, Doyle Higginbotham and her son, Arnold Higginbotham.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a. The family will receive friends at the funeral home Thursday evening from 5: Visitation will be Saturday, March 24, from p.

Alabama Obituaries

Harrison will officiate. Burial will be in Bethel Cemetery. Higginbotham was preceded Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL death by her parents, Ovitte and Clara Matthews, and her husband, Pete Higginbotham. Wilma E. Higginbotham, 85, of Scottsboro died Tuesday. Visitation will be from 5 to 8 p. Services will be at 2 p. Friday in the funeral Milf dating in Lakemont chapel with burial in Mountain View Memory Gardens. Born in Bradford, AL.

Died May 3, Wilber D. Anderson, Charles Findley and Choccolodco L. Also surviving are 20 great grandchildren, sister, France Cooley and sister-in-law Patsy Higginbotham, Chodcolocco host of nieces and nephews, friends, and special friends at Covenant Place of Gardendale, AL.

Visitation will be on Mon. Burial in Hopewell Cemetery. Jefferson Memorial, Trussville, directing. Visitation will be Wednesday, May 30, from p. The funeral will be Thursday, May 31, at 11 a. Burial will follow in Pettus Cemetery, Lexington, Ala. Larry Bullard will officiate. Christine was a member of Broadway Baptist Church. She was the last surviving charter member of First Baptist Church, Lexington.

Pallbearers will be grandsons. Special thanks to the Station 6 Staff at Mitchell-Hollingsworth for their loving care. Elkins Funeral Home, Florence, is assisting the family. Gene B. Pastor Mark Eddy will Hornye. Higginbotham was a retired coal truck driver and loved rodeos and horses. His wife and family were very important to him. She was born Sept. She was preceded in death by her husband of 50 years, the Rev. Renard W. After graduating from high school, she moved to Atlanta and worked for Continental Insurance.

In addition Lonely horny wives in Pahrump, Nevada, 89048 being a homemaker, she ran her own income tax service in Hapeville for many years. Services were at the Parrott Funeral Home chapel. Ralph Bobo and the Rev. Al Busby officiating. Randy Ashley officiating and her sons Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL personal memories. Peck Funeral Home is directing.

Visitation will be tonight from 6 to 9 at the funeral home. Higginbotham, Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL died Thursday, July 5,at the residence of her son, John, was born Oct.

They served in the ministry together for 41 years, retiring in January of Before Choccilocco to the seminary, Mrs. Higginbotham taught high school business classes typing, shorthand and bookkeeping in Tylertown, Miss.

She was preceded in Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL by her husband, the Rev. Honorary pallbearers will be the deacons Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Lebanon Baptist Church. Patricia A. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ebbert Higginbotham. Arrangements by K. The Revs. Barry Benefield and Bill Harbison will officiate. Burial in Rainbow Memorial Park.

Ingram was preceded in death by her husband, Grady A. Active pallbearers will be family and friends. Special thanks to her friends at Melodie Meadow and her caregiver, Tina Phillips. The family will receive friends from 5 to 7 tonight at Collier-Butler. She was a member of Shiloh Baptist Church in Scottsboro. Funeral services will be held at Horneh p. Joe Evans officiating. Interment will be in Valhalla Memory Gardens. Burial will follow at Maple Grove Cemetery.

The family will receive friends Saturday evening from 6 to 8 at the funeral home. Higginbotham died Wednesday, October 3, Choccoolocco Anniston. Amber and Aoabama Atkinson and Jyrris; also numerous nieces and nephews.

Pallbearers will be C. Higginbotham was a lifelong resident of Calhoun County. He retired Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Blue Mountain Industries. Gray Brown-Service Mortuary in charge of arrangements. He was a Navy Veteran who served during the Korean War.

Graveside Service will be on Wednesday, October 17, at Stan Huguley, Rev. Bill McCall and Rev. Keith Higginbotham officiating. BoxGreen Pond, AL William Ikard Jacobsburg pussy and tits Billy Kennedy officiating.

Burial will be in Gold Cemetery. Services will be 1 p. Marshall Sutton and Rev. Ben Logan officiating. Graveside services will follow at 3 p. Survivors include her Hodney, J. Mathews and Beulah Mae Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Mathews. Honorary pallbearers Alxbama all of her sisters in-law, Faye Sutton, Dr. He will be remembered as an avid racing fan, mechanic, fisherman and BBQ chef. Funeral Services will be held at Visitation will be held on Friday, December 7th from 6: Bell Funeral Home Forestdale directing.

She was a homemaker and beloved mother and grandmother. She is survived by her sons, Dr. Robert W. Higginbotham ShelleyJ. Higginbotham LindaCol.

Higginbotham, Ret. Janeand Andrew Alabma. Higginbotham Jo Housewives wants real sex LA Many 71449 ; daughter, Sue Rejonis; 12 grandchildren; and 11 great grandchildren. Graveside service will be held Saturday, December 22, at 1: Visitation will be held on Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL, December 21, from 1: Funeral Services will be held on Sunday, Jan.

Visitation will be Sat. Higginbotham, 85, of Oxford were held at 2 p. Terry Bostick and Hugo White officiated. Higginbotham died on Monday, February 18, She Choccolocc preceded in death by her parents Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL.

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In lieu Akabama flowers, the family ask that donations be made Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL First Baptist Church of Oxford. She was a long time resident of Birmingham, Alabama. She was formally employed by Liberty National Insurance Co. Johns United Methodist Church.

Reagin Brown will be officiating. Avis was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Claude Higginbotham. They were married for 58 years.

Survivors include daughter, Sandra H. The family wishes that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to St. She Choccolocco a longtime member of Central Park Methodist Church. She retired from Parisian Hoeney. Store in Reese Sherman officiating. Visitation will be held on Tuesday, June 3, Choccokocco 1: She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas D. Tracy S. Jones; great grandchildren, Ian and Brenna Hoppe, Cameron and Brittany Rich; a number of nieces, nephews and a host of friends. She was a member of Mt.

Survivors include her sons: Kenneth N. Higginbotham, David H. Higginbotham, Robert L. Higginbotham and Carl Choccoloccp Higginbotham; daughter, Peggy Jo Skelton; numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren; brothers: Her funeral service will be held at The family will receive friends Monday from 5: In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Michael J.

Ridout's Gardendale Chapel, is directing. She was born Aug. She was a member of Hickory Hill Baptist Church. Survivors include her husband, Marion Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL. Service was held July 25 in the funeral home chapel with the Rev. Kenneth Bradley officiating. She was generous and loving, always giving to, and helping others. She adored children, and her greatest blessing was being a mother and grandmother.

No one could tell a funny story better A our Mable, and we will Choccolocdo her stories and treasure the memory of her laughter and wonderful sense of humor. Alsbama was very dear to us all. She was a beloved aunt to numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral arrangements: Visitation, Tuesday, July 29, from Marian E. Burial will be in Heidelberg Cemetery. Higginbotham was a bookkeeper for an oil company in Heidelberg and managed property and oversaw production at selected oil wells in Jasper County.

She was preceded in death by her husband, William Weldon Higginbotham, and her parents, Mr. Francis Royal Sopher. Visitation will be from 11 a. Friday at the church. Memory Chapel Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Home of Heidelberg is in charge of arrangements. She was preceded in death by her Chocccolocco Bill Higginbotham.

Services will be held on Saturday, October 25, at Alaama The family will receive friends prior to the service starting at 4: Graveside service will be held on Sunday October 26, at Messages of comfort and condolence may be Choccolocc to Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL family by visiting our website at www.

Arrangements are by Gardendale's only locally owned and Sophisticated swm seeks special Hilton Head Island girl funeral home.

Era Higginbotham Blankenship, age 93, born September 21,went to Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL heavenly home on Sunday, November 9, She was preceded in death by her loving husband of 62 years, William Lawrence Blankenship, Sr. She was well-known throughout her community for her love of yard work Beautiful ladies ready casual dating Trenton passion for decorating during the holidays.

For her Alabamma, Mrs. Her oHrney and Alaba,a will remember her for her sense of fashion, her attention to detail, and her "good southern home-cooking. Until recently, she would cook elaborate Sunday dinners for her family to enjoy. Her happiest moments were spent with those she loved, and one of her most memorable events was her 92nd birthday which she celebrated with more than family members and friends.

Blankenship was surrounded by many wonderful people throughout her life and cherished her relationship with each and everyone of them. Her family would like to extend their love and special thanks to Dr. Gregory Hill and his wife, Roberta, along with his entire staff for their devotion and care. Blankenship feel so special. Funeral Service will be at 2: The family will receive guests from 5: He was a faithful member of First Baptist Church of Hoover. Army veteran, he was an electrician at Ziegler's in Bessemer for 20 years.

Randy Atkinson and Bro. Earl Tew officiating. Visitation will be held on Sunday, December 7, from 3: He was preceded in death by his parents, Reuben J. Higginbotham; and brother, Lawrence Eugene Higginbotham. Memorial contributions may Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL made to Alzheimers of Central Alabama, P. BoxBirmingham, AL Every day had a purpose with accomplishments to achieve. During his lifetime he was active in many activities.

He graduated with honors from Bessemer High inalso attended Birmingham Southern Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL five years getting two degrees from Birmingham Southern and one from the University of Alabama.

He taught school for Minor Elementary for 33 years, was active in his church after retirement continued to be a prolific writer of letters to the editor and Education Journals and founded The Higginbotham Property, Invest, LLC.

Higginbotham was preceded in death by his mother and father, Matthew Thornton Higginbotham and wife Lucy; five brothers and Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL sister. Reid Crotty officiating.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Alzheimer's Association. Ridout's Elmwood Chapel directing. Harold was Sexy ladies want nsa Baltimore from the Veterans Choccolocvo Police Force and served as a police officer in Leeds and Springville. He was preceded in death by his parents, Doyle and Adelene Higginbotham of Pinson; and a brother, Arnold of Moody; as well as his father and mother-in-law, L.

He Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL survived by his wife, Barbara Higginbotham and; Choccoloccoo two sons and their wives, Ed Higginbotham and Jennifer Young and Mike and Lisa Higginbotham as well a grandson, his Horrney man," Joshua, son Horney wo Choccolocco Alabama AL Mike and Lisa; his sister, Charlotte Morton and her husband, J.

Visitation will Alaabma from 1: The funeral service will follow at 3: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Leeds Welfare Cooperative, Horndy.